My reading with Sabrina was amazing… she gave me great advice with regards to my question and some very helpful hints as what I could do. She left me with a feeling of calm and peace… I would so recommend anyone to give Sabrina a try… you will be so surprised at what she can help guide you and enlighten you.

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What Are You Looking For?


Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose
and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Hi Beloved Lightworker.

I'm Sabrina Jensen - I’m an Author, Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Coach of the Power of Love.

It is my Divine Life Purpose to use my creativity and deep connection to the Angels to teach, motivate and support Committed, Positive and High Vibe Lightworkers and Earth Angels to Fulfill their Divine Life Purpose and Live the Lives of their Dreams.

I believe, the more Lightworkers & Earth Angels that wakes up from their Spiritual sleep and start their journey to Enlightenment, Fulfill their Divine Life Purpose and actually Living the Lives of their Dreams, the easier it become for us all to bring Love back to the Earth and all her inhabitants.

My work is not for everyone! I had to make that very clear from the beginning. I work only with people who are READY, WILLING and ABLE to invest in themselves and the life they want to live. I do not offer you easy fix-it solutions - they don't work anyway. My work is for those who are in it to win it, and are willing to do whatever it takes.

The Power of Love.

The Power of Love is basically the Source, the Universe, God - whatever you believe in. It's a gigant energy ball of Divine, Unconditional Love. The Power of Love is the strongest and most Powerful source in the entire Universe. It can undo anything, and heal anything!

Knowing how to use the Power of Love, along with your Divine Life Purpose will give you all the power you need to do what you incarnated into this lifetime to do. I'm here to help you uncover that, and teach you profound and powerful resources in my 1:1 Coaching Program and my Online Programs.

Does this sounds like you?

If so, Join my Lightworker Tribe to take the first step on this amazing journey.

With Love,