Sabrina very kindly did a reading for me. The reading was spot on. Confirmed everything I had been thinking and that gives lovely confidence. The guidance was accurate and loving and wise. It is a great benefit to have things confirmed and make your next steps clear to accomplish. Many Thanks Sabrina for lovingly taking the time to do this angel reading and spreading love and light. With love Alexa xxx

Lexy Love
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The Magic Life - Prosperous Lifestyle for Spiritual Babes

The Magic Life helps Spiritual Babes to have prosperous and successful lives, where they have the freedom to fulfill their full potentials.

I work with Spiritual Babes who struggle with stress and don’t reaching the desires in their lives and businesses, and would like to have a Prosperous, Successful & Stress-Free Lifestyle with Freedom to Fulfill their Full Potential.

What makes me different is, I’m a Prosperity & Success Manifestation Life & Business Coach, and because of this, my clients get High Vibe Mindset Training that will Attract Prosperity, Success & Freedom into their lives.

Welcome to the Magical World of The Magic Life!

It’s no coincidence that you landed on this website at this moment. The Universe and your Angels had lead you to this place, as a part of the answer to your prayers.

The Universe is built upon lot of Universal Laws, (you might familiar with the Law of Attraction, also better known as The Secret) which works together with you to manifest your deepest desire.

The truth is; you had been manifested since the day your soul was created... also when it doesn't seems like that.

Manifestation = 80% Mindset + 20% Action

You have created the life you have right now, by activating the Universal Laws with your most dominant thoughts, emotions and actions. By take responsibility for your life (also the parts you aren't happy about) and commit to do what it takes to improve it, you too can have a life beyond your dreams.

I've created The Magic Life to have a platform, where I can create coaching programs in Manifestation and the right use of the Law of Attraction and they 600+ other Universal Laws. There are no such a thing as a Fairy Godmother who appear from nowhere and gain you your wishes. Manifestation is co-creation between you and the Universe. It's my job to teach you and help you to how to use your God-given power to manifest Prosperity, Success, Freedom and Fulfillment of Your Full Potential. I create coaching programs with high quality content and easy to use resources. In my programs, you will learn everything you need to know to become a Master in Manifestation.

Angel Blessings,