10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sabrina.


For few days ago, I launched my blog. It was so incredibly scary, because I am such a private person, and have such a long record of failed blogs behind me.

But this time, WOW!

I am so surprised (and grateful) that so many new visitors had landed on my little blog. Thank you so much!

I thought it could be fun to do the ‘10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me’ game, as a way to introduce myself on the blog.

But first,

The Real Introduction.

I am Sabrina Jensen, and am a Metaphysicist, Mental Alchemist and Spiritual Teacher. It is my 20th anniversary as a student of metaphysics and mental alchemy.

I am a lifelong clairvoyant and psychic. 

I have 12 certification educations of Personal and Spiritual Development.

I was born and raised in Aarhus, Denmark, and have lived several years in South Denmark. My first language is therefore Danish. But, actually do I speak English way more than I speak Danish, even though I’m still living in Denmark.

Last year, made I the decision to close my Danish spiritual business, and instead open a new International business, where all my material are in English, including this blog.

I felt it was selfish to keep The Magic Life limited to only Danish speaking people, when there is SO MANY people around the world who are seeking exactly what The Magic Life has to offer.

I am a published author, and had written 4 books and a planner. All 4 books are in Danish, and will not be translated into English. I am featured in the latest book in the The Secret family "How The Secret Changed My Life"

I am writing on a new book, which I am super excited about. This book will be my first book in English.

Sharing because I care!

For the first 15 years of my life, I was a victim of domestic violence. It had been the greatest blessing in disguise. I am diagnosed with PTSD, because of what happened in my childhood. It had also brought a lot of anxiety and fear with it.

But, I decided very early on, that I don’t want to be a victim, and I don’t want to act as a victim. Victim-mentality isn’t good for anything! It is just REALLY bad energy to put out there! When I was 18 did I agree upon sharing my story on national television in a talk-show program. I was so nervous! I have since been active in charity work for battered children and had become a motivational speaker.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sabrina.

#1. No Television.

I don’t watch television! First of all, I rather work or watch something on YouTube or Netflix, than watch television. Next… I am waaaaay too sensitive for all the drama, terror, war, negative stuff and crazy politicians.

#2. #ButFirstTea

My relationship to coffee is; I love the smell of fresh coffee, but I HATE the taste. Instead, I drink tea. Lots of tea. Most green tea and herbal tea.

#3. Vegan.

I had been vegan since 2010. It makes me so sad, if another creature has to be killed in order for me to get something to eat. I would rather starve, than accept an animal to be killed. I have a 100% no killing policy. I only accept killing, if the animal is so sick that it is a matter of make the suffering a short shrift.

#4. History.

As raised by a dad who love history, and took me to all sorts of historical places, I had developed interest for history. As long the teaching and learning about old days are entertaining. Last I opened a history book was in high school… zzzZZzz…

The way I love learning about the history is either during documentaries, or by visiting historical places. My favorite place in the world is The Old Town in Aarhus. It’s so cute! And visiting all the old castles which now is open for the public.

This picture from The Old Town, Aarhus is taken in December 2016.

#5. Pineapples.

My guilty pleasure is opening a can of pineapple pieces and eat the whole thing. I am also one of those people who order pineapple on my pizza, and putting pineapple in my lasagna.

#6. I don’t trust words - I trust actions.

I think this goes back to the traumas from my childhood, but also from massive bullying when I was in middle school. Even throughout my adulthood have I experience too many times, that people say one thing, and do something else (if they do something at all). When I give people the benefit of doubt, they once again show me that their actions doesn’t follows their words.

This also goes into my profession.

I have encountered SO many people who keeps talking about what they want, their dreams, their goals, etc. - and their wants, dreams, goals stays as fluffy dreams… because their actions aren’t aligned with the manifestation of their desires.

#7. 600+ Universal Laws

I had studied metaphysics for 20 years, and during those 20 years have I recorded over 600 different Universal Laws where the very famous Law of Attraction is only one of them.

#8. I don’t understand Social Media Trends.

Why in the world is it necessary to post pictures of your meal?

Am I the only one who thinking “WOW, that person must have a serious lack of self-esteem” when entering a Instagram account full of selfies, half-naked pictures or post-training pictures?


Your self-worth should NEVER EVER be measured in likes, followers and comments! #GirlBoss… Click To Tweet

And Baby pictures! I have seriously seen pictures of women who just had given birth to her child, and decided “This is the right moment to take a selfie!

Wait WHAT?!

Save the baby pictures to the family photo-album, where they belong. Like before social media.

#9. I don’t want kids.

I love kids! But, I love peace and quiet way more!

No matter how many people (most women) who’re trying to convince me to get children, the answer is still a big, fat NO!

I don’t want to go through a pregnancy.

I don’t want to go through giving birth.

and I don’t want all the screaming, kicking, cluttering, etc.

Silence, peace and quiet are luxuries I’m not willing to sacrifice for having my own kids.

I am meeting lots of kids during my charity work, and I love spending time with them. They are funny, sharp, clever and so sweet and kind. They inspire lot of my work - a child’s joy is the greatest reward!

#10. I am a tech-girl.

That right! I love technology and gadgets! As long it is the software! Hardware, not so much!

I have everything on my laptop, and I can access it from anywhere in the world from my iPhone and iPad.

Besides my books, all the material of The Magic Life is:

  • Online Courses
  • Online Training Programs
  • E-books
  • Printables
  • PDF’s
  • Online Membership site
  • The Blog
  • The Website
  • Videos
  • Email Newsletters
  • and our Brand New FREE Online Community.
  • etc.

I create all the material myself, even the visuals and graphics on my social media accounts.

Bonus info: I don't like have my picture taken.

Now it’s your turn.

Let me know in the comment below:

Who are you, and tell me 3 things about yourself.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sabrina.

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