You want to Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose!

You want to Live the Life of YOUR Dreams!

You have a Burning Desire to Make a Positive Impact on the World!

You know there are something AMAZING out there Waiting for you!

You are In It to Win It!


That’s exactly what I can help you with!

Hi, I'm Sabrina Jensen. I am an Author, Angel Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Coach.

It is my Divine Life Purpose to use my Creativity, Expertise in Manifestation and the Universe, and Deep Connection to the Angels to Motivate and Support Positive, High Vibe and Committed Lightworkers and Spiritual Babes to Fulfill their Divine Life Purpose and living the Life of their Dreams, so we together can live in Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment.

Since I was very young, I had been guided to work with the strongest force in the Universe, Power of Love (also called God). But not in the traditional way... I bring spirituality and science together, and using the best from both worlds to understand and working with this strong force of the Universe.

I firmly believe that EVERYONE deserve a Happy, Prosperous, Joyful and Fulfilling Life - and the key to live the life of your dreams lies in your hands.

You're a child of Love

The Light of the Divine Love is glowing inside of you. There are literally nothing you can do or say, that makes you unworthy of the Divine Love. The Angels and the Power of Love loves you unconditionally!

No matter who you are;
no matter what had happened in your life;
no matter what you had said or done
- you have the choice to change that
- right now in this moment
- and start living in the Light of Love.

We all have our *BS* in our backpack! Every single person, who ever had lived on this planet, have their stories to tell, their pain and hurts, and their challenges and battles.

Sabrina Jensen

But what makes the difference between a happy and fulfilled person and a unhappy and unfulfilled person?

The choice to raise above all the *BS*; take the knowledge and experiences and grow from it in a positive way and then hand it to the Power of Love.

This is the core essence of Personal and Spiritual development! Nothing can change in your life, before you, not only choose to change, but also are willing to do whatever it takes to make that change a reality in your life.

Here is the thing; Humans fear changes! We fear the unknown! The good news is that fear is nothing else than our ego trying to protect us from any harm. That was necessary when we was living in caves, but in our modern world, it's unlikely that change and the unknown will do us any harm - and especially not when we decide to work with the Power of Love and the Angels.

I'm a life-long Clairvoyant, Psychic and Angel Intuitive, but I had also spend the last decade studying personal and spiritual development:

- Certified Life & Business Coach
- Certified Law of Attraction Coach
- Certified NLP Practitioner
- Certified Reiki Master Teacher
- Certified Animal Reiki Master Teacher
- Certified Earth Angel Realm Reader
- Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader
- Certified Astrologer
- Certified Numerologist
- Certified Assertiveness Coach
- Certified Akashic Records Reader
- Metaphysics
- Mental Alchemy
- The Records of the Universal Laws (I have over 600 laws in my records)

I am also an author and was featured in Rhonda Byrne's How The Secret Changed My Life (published world-wide in 2016) and motivational speaker.

Had been Featured In

Can I Help you?

I create Training and Coaching for Lightworkers and Spiritual Babes to help them Fulfill their Divine Life Purpose, and Live the Life of their Dreams.

To accomplish this goal:

I will never:

- Compromise quality for quantity.
- Force anyone into working with me.
- Lower the standards for my work to fit into some sort of box.

I will:

- Set a good example for honoring oneselves and setting the standards high.
- Make personal & spiritual Development fun and modern.
- Encourage Lightworkers & Spiritual Babes to Fulfill their Divine Life Purpose, and Live the Life of their Dreams.
- Create high quality programs for my clients.
- Challenge my clients to be the best they can be.
- Support my clients in fulfilling their Divine Life Purpose and give them all the tools they need to live the life of their dreams.

Are we the right fit?

One of the reasons I give new potential clients an application form before I take them in as a client is because, I want to be completely sure that my 1:1 clients are the right fit for my coaching programs before I ask them for a 5-figure investment. That’s only fair!

I am not the right fit for you, if you:

- Looking after an easy fix it-solution.
- Always looking after the cheapest (or free) and easiest shortcut.
- Blaming others, the government, politicians, your boss, your spouse etc.  for the situation you are in.
- Waiting for someone to come and fix all your problems.
- Looking for the easy road.
- Believe that your dreams come true over the night.
- Aren’t willing to change
- Believe it is not spiritual to want to have more money, success and fortune in your life.
- Have excuses for everything.
- Believe you know everything about everything.

I am the right girl for you, if you:

- Are Willing to invest time, energy and money in yourself and your future.
- Value quality over quantity.
- Are in it to win it.
- Taking 100% responsibility for your own situation.
- Want to fulfill your Divine Life Purpose, and Live the Life of Your Dreams
- Are Committed and putting in a Dedicated Effort to make it happen.
- Are Positive, High Vibe and Result Oriented
- Are Spiritual and Open-minded
- Are Willing to do Whatever it Takes.
- Are Willing to go through a Transformational Process that will take your life to the next level.
- Are Open for new knowledge and tools, and willing.
- Want more Prosperity, Money, Success, Happiness, Fulfillment, Love, and Fulfillment in Your Life.

I will give you everything you need to Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose and to Live the Life of Your Dreams! I will give Support, Motivation, Encouragement, and Love - but it is YOU who have to do the work! I’m here to hold your hand and guide you, while you are going through this transformational process.



Fun facts:

Sabby-fact #1: I’m not that stereotypical girl at all… the only thing stereotypical with me is… I fit the stereotype of a Scandinavian Girl -  I’m from Denmark (which is in Scandinavia), I have blonde hair, blue/green eyes… and I am about 5' 9" (176 cm.) tall without heels.

Sabby-fact #2: I have lactose intolerance, and I don’t eat meat. I can’t bear the thought about killing another being in order for me to get something to eat. And I consider animals is my friends, and I don’t eat my friends.

Sabby-fact #3: I am the oldest of 3. I have a younger brother and a younger sister.

Sabby-fact #4: I don't like coffee or alcohol (not even wine). 😖 Water and Green Tea is my jam!

Sabby-fact #5: I was born October 10th 1989, in Aarhus, Denmark - which makes me a Libra with Gemini as Rising.


Sabrina Jensen, Author of 6 books about Personal & Spiritual Development. Sabrina is a Metaphysicist, Mental Alchemist, Spiritual Master Teacher & Healer, Astrologer, Numerologist, Angel Tarot Card Reader, Life & Business Coach, Law of Attraction Life & Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Animal Master Teacher, Assertiveness for Earth Angels Coach & Motivational Speaker.

Sabrina has been Featured In; WOMAN, Alt for Damerne, Q-Magasinet, QTV - Kanal 4, TV2.DOK & How The Secret Changed My Life by Rhonda Byrne.

Links to get you started:

What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is someone, who have a burning desire to make a positive impact in the world.

#1 You Want to Make a Difference in the World.

Lightworkers have a deep desire to make a difference in the world. They’re hands on, and ready to go to work. They know that their unique talents and knowledge can move mountains in the field(s) they’re passionate about.

#2 You’re Highly Sensitive and an Empath.

Lightworkers feel everything so strongly. They’re sensitive to Energies, Sounds, Light, Colors, Smells, too much Information, Fabrics or/and Food. That’s because Lightworkers are very in touch with their psychic/spiritual abilities - that just increases the more the Lightworker gets aligned with their Divine Life Purpose. Some Lightworkers had been psychic their entire life, others developing after their spiritual awakening. You can read more about the psychic abilities right here.

Note: Having a strong intuition is also a spiritual ability - you might not be psychic yet, but the Universe will still communicate with you through your intuition.

#3 You have a Positive Outlook and are Solution Oriented.

A part of working with the Power of Love (the Universe, God, the Angels, or whatever you believe in) is to be a lighthouse of Love. It means, even when life kicks in and life gets difficult, or the Lightworker experiencing challenging, they still keep a positive and optimistic attitude. They using their mind to shift their perspective and start focusing on finding a solution for the highest good of anyone involved.

#4 You’re Investing in Yourself.

Lightworker takes 100% responsibility for themselves, and are willing, ready and able to invest time, energy, money and other resources in themselves, their future, and their personal and spiritual growth. That also included investing in the help they need, like coaching and courses. Even when they’re low on finances or have a challenges with their health, they still manage to find the resources they need to get back on track. This doesn’t mean they put themselves in debt or sacrifices their health. It simply mean, that they think creative and working on finding a solution.

#5 You Practice Spirituality Every Day.

Lightworkers needs to be in contact with the Universe every day. Often through daily meditation. Lightworkers are also engaged in different spiritual practices they feel attracted to like, crystals, tarot cards, angel cards, pendulums, white magick (wicca), manifestation and the Law of Attraction, journaling, Akashic Records and past-life readings, astrology, numerology, energy healing, etc.

#6 You’re All About Serving.

For Lightworkers, it’s not so much about what they can get - it about what they can give… and they give freely! Many Lightworkers have a Personal Life Purpose in this lifetime about learning to set healthy boundaries, so they learn to receive as much as they’re giving, and learn to say no when they recognize a freeloader.

#7 You’re Thriving if You Can Work on Your Divine Life Purpose All Day Long.

Some Lightworkers know what their Divine Life Purpose is, others don’t. It’s not that difficult to find out what your Divine Life Purpose is: If money and time wasn’t an issue - what would you spend your time doing every day?

If your answer involving helping/serving others, make a difference in the world, animal welfare, helping Mother Nature, bring awareness to a cause close to your heart, or anything that isn’t for your own personal gaining, then you, first of all, are a true Lightworkers, and next - it’s your Divine Life Purpose.

Lightworkers feel so strongly about the cause of their heart, that they want to do what it takes to work on it every day - that’s why many Lightworkers becomes solo-entrepreneurs and build a business around their Divine Life Purpose, so they both have time and make a living doing their Spiritual-Guided work.

… and no, it’s not non-spiritual or wrong to make money of spiritual work. Actually, you’re doing your clients a disservice if you don’t let them pay you. It is an exchange of energy, and if you don’t allow yourself to receive money from your spiritual work, you are blocking yourself from receiving abundance and prosperity in your life… That could be the very reason to you’re low on finances.

#8 You’re Constantly Working on Your Self-Love and Assertiveness.

Lightworkers are natural givers… some love too much! Lightworkers sometimes have a tendency to suffering from people-pleasing and codependency. While it’s fine to care about other people and animals, it’s out of Divine order if it happening because you base your happiness and self-esteem on how happy you can make others. Lightworkers needs to learn prioritizing their own happiness and self-love before any others. They have to set standards for what they want to accept in their life, and what they won’t accept. - and feel good about it. It’s not selfish at all! The more your needs are met, the more do you have to give to others.

#9 You’re Not Judgmental.

Lightworkers don’t judge anyone, or at least they’re really putting in an effort to not do. Lightworkers accept people as they are. Lightworkers embraces diversity, and find it exciting to meet new people. Lightworkers are used to be judged themselves for being quirky or weird, so they have deep empathy with others.

Lightworkers understands that other people represent a reflection of themselves. When you feel the need to judge someone or point fingers at yourself, then it’s time to look inward and ask yourself “What is it inside of me, that make me judge that person?” Very often is it a reflection of our own lack of self-esteem and self-love, that forces us to judge others.

Lightworkers take notice when they take themselves in judgmental behavior, and start working on themselves. There are no competition between Lightworkers because Lightworkers know that each and everyone of us have an unique combination of skills, knowledges and gifts. Even if our life purposes looks the same on the surface, they are very different inside, because there is only one person in the entire universe who are able to do, what you can do… and that is you!

#10 You Want to Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

In order to fulfill your Divine Life Purpose, you must commit yourself to your mission. When you works on you mission every day, and you’re aligned with the Power of Love. As a Lightworker you must balance your Divine Life Purpose (your service to the world) and your Personal Life Purpose (personal growth) in order to be fulfilled. They’re both equally important.

When you are Positive, High Vibe (meaning you’re living in joy and happiness the most of the time, and when life gets difficult, you know how to shift the energy, find a positive solution and have a positive outlook) and you are Committed to Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose, it is so much easier to Create and Live the Life of your Dreams.

Lightworkers know they deserve the best life they can get. They’re engaging in manifestation work, to make sure that their needs and desires are met so they have more to give to the world. Lightworkers support each other, and helping each other. They works together. The Universe is unlimited, so there are more than enough to everyone.

You can be successful, having all you needs and desires met, be prosperous, making an huge impact, spiritual and be aligned with the Divine at the same time - when you master this, you’ll fulfill your Divine Life Purpose and live the Life of your Dreams.

Note about Earth Angels:

Many people would like to be an Earth Angel, when they hear that it actually is a thing, and there is LOT of misinformation on the Internet about Earth Angels, that make people give themselves the term of being an Earth Angel. Just because you have a good heart, is spiritual and angelic, it doesn’t mean that you’re an Earth Angel nor an Incarnated Angel. In fact, Incarnated Angels are really rare - about 300,000 people are pure Incarnated Angels, and the world have a population on 7,6 billion people, it’s about 0,1% of the entire population.

I won’t be associated with “self-diagnosing” of being an Earth Angel, so I will keep the characteristics to a minimum in my the content I share. But, if you would like to know if you’re an Earth Angel can you apply for my 1:1 Coaching Program, where a Soul Reading is including in the price. I’m certified Earth Angel Realm Reader and I’m an Earth Angel Assertiveness Coach, so I would be able to help find your Realm if you’re an Earth Angel, and provide you the tools you need to fulfill your Divine Mission.