Overcoming the Greatest Fear

This is the first blog post on my new blog and website.

Many things had changed the past year, and I am now ready to take the first step out in the new world, that I had created for myself. I will no longer let fear from the past hold me back, and fear for what might happen, if I share the true, authentic version of myself and who I am.

Since winter 2010-11, I had been working on my most important project, The Magic Life. I had tried to launch it several times, because I deeply believe so many people around the globe will benefit from it. And I felt it was selfish to hold it back.

But the angels kindly pointed me on my right shoulder and said “Not now Sabrina, be patience - the time will come to give birth to The Magic Life.

See… Like many other people, patience isn’t my greatest strength. I am aware of that, and working upon it. But, I am as impatience as a 4-year old in a candy store… (Without all the screaming of cause ;-))

The Magic Life is way more than just another business project.

Actually, is it kind of my baby.

The Magic Life has become my recipe or formula for transforming my life, from being a victim from domestic violence to an independent, happy and powerful young women, who fulfilling her full potential and living her life purpose.

That doesn’t means there are no ups and downs. Challenges and, (most importantly) overcoming challenges are a part of the life.

The magic wand that swipe away all your troubles and problems, just don’t exist. There are no shortcuts or quick fix it solutions, when it comes to life.

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There is only one person to do the work - and that is the person you are looking at in the mirror - YOU!

The early seed of The Magic Life.

When I first created The Magic Life back in 2010-11, was it to heal my past.

As mentioned above I grew up as a victim of domestic violence. Diabla (my mother) had exposed me to physical and mental violence from I was an infant until I was 15. I haven’t talked with her since. This will be the only post where I mentioning my mother! In future posts and the rest of my work, she will go under the name Diabla.

I am still diagnosed with PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) from what happened in my childhood.

In 2010-11, I was on a 9 months sick leave with a heavy depression. Horrible episodes happened like a domino effect. (I will share more about that in my upcoming book.) 

But, I was desperate after a solution! I went to bed, praying for a miracle.

One morning - 3:30 am?!?

I woke up and rush out to my desk, found my journal and start writing. After few hours of free writing, had I the first outline to what I called “My Magic Life.”

Looking down at the pages; I wondered “where did all those words come from?”. Because I didn’t remember writing them, nor was it my writing style.

As a lifelong clairvoyant, those kind of experience wasn’t new for me. I trusted the words in the outline and took Divinely guided actions. Within few months I started to recover.

Soon, I was out of my depression. (YES SIR!)


Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.

It was at that point, I got the idea to share The Magic Life with the world. I knew, if it had helped me to recover, it will help someone else too.

I already had my spiritual business with clients for Angel Tarot Card Readings. I began to implement some of the tools from The Magic Life in the readings, where I felt guided to. It was a huge success, and very fast I was over-booked with client readings.

It was a blessing in disguise! And an important lesson!

There was definitely a need for the tools and the results The Magic Life brings. But, I couldn’t keep up with all the bookings for client readings.

At one point, I had 16-hours work days, 7 days a week; where I almost only did client readings and trying to keep up with blog posts, newsletters, social media updates, etc…(every solo entrepreneur out there knows the drill).

I ended being very stressed, overwhelmed and suffered from Lightworker Burnout Syndrom (You can learn more about that in my upcoming book). Still, I was pushing my wheels, because being a workaholic helped me not having a running mind about Diabla.

Overcoming traumatic experience takes a looooong time to heal. There is no magic formula there make it disappear.

This was my life for many years, until I hit the bottom once again.

Fall 2016

My stress level was so insanely high.

I was overwhelmed and all over the place.


In November 2016 I felt - and I felt hard!

I went to the doctor and got a direct referral to the local psychiatry to be treated for stress, and immediately got an indefinite sick leave!

So... here I am.

I am still on sick leave!

But I look at my sick leave, as yet another blessing in disguise.

It is a chance for me, to take my own medicine and really put The Magic Life into action.

Even more exciting is it, that The Magic Life is soon ready to be born.

I looking forward to see The Magic Life helping all the many people out there, who needs what The Magic Life have to offer.

I am SO excited to share my baby with you, when I got permission to work again.

I have learned a really important lesson during this sick leave.

It changed my entire life and business structure.

My #1 priority in life and business is, and from now on, always will be…


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It is after all the greatest wealth you ever can own.

I had made a commitment to myself:

If it doesn’t support my health, happiness and joy, and if my work, energy, effort, time, money and love doesn’t have a ROI (Return of Investment) then the answer is NO!

It is not even up to discussion.

Which leads to another commitment I had made to myself:

I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my messages out there, and stay true to my authentic self. I am willing to face up to my fears and defeat Diabla by sharing my authentic truth and my light with the people who needs to hear, what I have to say.

I am Taking Back My Power today!

By publishing this blog post, do I make the commitment to use my voice, my messages and my authentic truth, to fulfill my Divine Life Purpose, as a Lightworker and an Earth Angel.

So what to expect from the blog?

I had put myself up for a 30 days blogging challenges, where I simply blog once a day for the next 30 days. I want to use this blog to share my journey, my thoughts and how I deal with life.

After my sick leave with depression in 2010-11, I was asked by so many people; how I overcome it and how I came out so strong? It has always been difficult for me to answer.

Like it’s difficult for me to explain, how I dealt with my childhood traumas to that level, that I can share it on national television. (which I did when I was 18 and again when I was 20).

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. The spiritual journey is the relinquishment, or unlearning, of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.

So, when I hit bottom this time, I meditated upon it, and told myself:

“You know what, the chance that people might ask about my healing process and how I overcome my sickness, is probably pretty high. The changes for there are people out there, who are in a similar situation, are without doubt extremely high. So why not make it easy for everyone, and just blog about it?”

To be honest, I had never had, as hard time as I have right now during this sick leave. AND I undergoing some huge transformation in my personal life - I am facing up and defeating the greatest fear of mine! Diabla!

I have a feeling of, this is going to be a very personal and honest blog. - It is scary!

But the only way to overcome a fear, is to face it head on!

Let’s all be in this together!

Tell me in the comment below;

What is your greatest fear?


What can you do to overcome it?

Overcoming the Greatest Fear

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