Lightworker tribe

Join Lightworker Tribe for Spiritual Babes.

I have created a Tribe for Lightworkers who wants a community and support in their journey to spiritual enlightenment. 

The Lightworker Tribe is both my mailing list, access to my Private High Vibe Lightworker Tribe  Facebook Group and access to my Resource Library.

When you joining my High Vibe Lightworker Tribe Facebook Group, you MUST be enrolled to the Resource Library, because the FREE Find Your Divine Life Purpose workbook will then be added to your personal Resource Library Account, as a thank you for joining the Facebook Group.

As a member of my Lightworker Tribe will you get access to my FREE Resource Library for Lightworkers and Earth Angels with amazing Monthly Content, to help you to Fulfill Your Divine Life Purpose and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Content in the Resource Library.

Every month will you get:

🦋 Monthly Planner

🦄 Focus Affirmation of the month

🌸 Wallpaper for you phone/computer

🌈 How to incorporate the month’s theme into your life.

The Resource Library will also be updated from time to time with:

😇 Exclusive opportunity for Mini Angel Guidance Reading

🥇 Workbooks

🔮 Yearly Planner

👼🏻 Love Notes from the Angels

📚 E-books

🎓 Mini Online Courses

🏆 High Vibe Lightworker Tribe - Facebook Group 

✨ Find Your Divine Life Purpose workbook - ONLY FOR MEMBERS OF THE FACEBOOK GROUP

🙌🏻 and much, much more...

Find Your Divine Life Purpose - Workbook

Find Your Divine Life Purpose Workbook

This Month in Resource Library.