The Magic Life - Design YOUR  Life the way YOU Love.

Welcome to the magical world of The Magic Life! It’s no coincidence that you are landed on this website at this moment. The Universe and your Angels had lead you here, as a part of the answer to your prayers.

The Universe is build upon lot of Universal Laws, (you might familiar with the Law of Attraction, also better known as The Secret) which works unstoppable together in order to deliver the manifestation of our deepest desires.

I‘ve created The Magic Life as a method to heal a very heavy depression in the winter-spring 2010-11. That depression leads me to embrace the world of metaphysics and spirituality that was passed on to me from my beloved Grandma.

The Magic Life have a very specific purpose; helping Miracleworkers to fulfill their full potential and have the lives they love. To do that, we’re working with letting go of anything that doesn’t serve us anymore, and start a healthy practice of Self-Love and Mental Awareness. Our mind is the most powerful thing we have. Our thoughts literally becomes things. Working with Mental Alchemy and Miracles is a wonderful thing and it will create lots of blessings in our and other's lives, but it also comes with great responsibility. It’s why I’ve decided to focus on teach and train Lightworkers & Earth Angels, so they can become Assertive and Strong Miracleworkers who works in the Power of Live.

I’m an Author and Spiritual Teacher, the written word is my strongest communication force. In this moment I writing on the book The Magic Life, which will be launched at summer 2018. The book is only the beginning. The Magic Life Advance Program and The Magic Life Members Club will be launched during 2018-19, which will take the teaching from the book, to a whole other level.

I hope to see you as one of my students.

Angel Blessings,


Are you ready to fulfill your full potential and have the life you love?

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Do we share the same passion for books?

I hope we do! Because writing books is my favorite way to share knowledge with you.

My books is primarily about Personal and Spiritual Development to support you in have your own The Magic Life.


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Sabrina´s sensitive reading had given me clarity and validation to my life purpose.