The Spring Healing

I love the spring!

It’s so beautiful when everything is blooming.

LOVE it!

My weekends is very relaxing!

It has to be!

People who knows me, know I often call my weekends for Computer-Free Weekend! It is a “tradition” I trying to keep up with every weekend for the last 4-5 years.

It really helps me to relax and unwind from my work, and all the training I have in my calendar.

I love spending time with my loved ones in the weekends.

the spring healing

Sabrina vs. Cobbles

We went to Husum and Friedrichstadt in Germany. We walked around and looked at the towns… or.. actually it was only Husum we took a walk. Very short after we got out of the car in Friedrichstadt, I twisted my ankle.

Have no idea, what it is with me and cobbles?! But, it seems like something has going on the last couple of months. I had trip over cobbles so many times since Christmas. (Maybe someone had cursed me? ;))

The others times I was more frightened than hurt.

But today!


It hurts so much!

the spring healing

The Healing Cure for Everything.

This was the first weekend of the spring, and it seems like people really took advantage of that.

Many of us spending so many hours indoor; in front of our computers. Most of our waking hours are spent online.

If you are just a little bit like me; you have the perfect excuse.

“I am working!”

While it is true (most of the times), doesn’t it make it healthier.

I think many of our health issues in this part of the world, are the result of many hours sitting in front of the computer.

Our mind and bodies are created to spend some amount of time outdoor EVERY DAY!


It doesn’t matter whether you are exercising or just go for a walk. As long you get some fresh air and get moved your body.

It is so important to get outdoor and get some fresh air and light.

the spring healing

I am very privileged that I live very near to the nature. For me, it is super meditative to sit in the open nature, away from the city noise and just listen to the breath of Mother Nature.

It’s such a beautiful way to connect with the Universe and get recharge after a long day.

How have you spent the first weekend of spring?

Let me know in the comment below.

The Spring Healing

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