Hvad Andre Lightworkers Siger:

Sabrina is absolutely amazing! By far she is the most intuitive reader I have encounter. She knew detailed information about a family issue that I have only discussed with a handful of people. Sabrina provided the information with respect and grace. She was not telling me what to do but giving my guidance, it was the perfect reading! I cannot wait to have another reading with her.

Robyn Eatmon

Sabrina radiates a pure energy of love and it reflects in her accurate angel card readings. She is very intuitive and I loved her message. She is great in providing angelic guidance. She is awesome!

Ana Granados

Hi Sabrina! Fantastic reading, I love your intuition, yes I am a healer, and know this is my life’s path! All of what you said resonates! Thank you , god bless xx


Sabrina very kindly did a reading for me. The reading was spot on. Confirmed everything I had been thinking and that gives lovely confidence. The guidance was accurate and loving and wise. It is a great benefit to have things confirmed and make your next steps clear to accomplish. Many Thanks Sabrina for lovingly taking the time to do this angel reading and spreading love and light. With love Alexa xxx

Lexy Love

Sabrina´s sensitive reading had given me clarity and validation to my life purpose.


Sabrina gave me a gentle, positive and loving reading which clearly answered my question. I also love the hints what to do now. Thank you very very much.


Sabrinas reading was dead on!! She is very gifted and a sweet soul.


I had a reading from Sabrina from the other side of the world via email and it was the most accurate amazing reading! It answered my question exactly and gave me great enthusiasm and excitement for what my future holds. She is very passionate, kind and extremely good at what she does.


I had the pleasure of having an reading with Sabrina and was very impressed. Sabrina was able to accurately identify what I am going through and provided sound advice that I could work with. I can definitely recommend her readings to all.


My reading with Sabrina was amazing… she gave me great advice with regards to my question and some very helpful hints as what I could do. She left me with a feeling of calm and peace… I would so recommend anyone to give Sabrina a try… you will be so surprised at what she can help guide you and enlighten you.


Det er mit kald at hjælpe Højt Udviklet Lightworkers med at omdanne deres frygt, angst og smerte til Kærlighed. High Vibe Life er et koncept, som jeg har udviklet, for at gøre transformationen så powerfuld som muligt.

Det er en KÆMPE myte, at penge og økonomisk frihed er uspirituelt. I min mening, så er det stik modsat! Jeg har studeret økonomisk frihed og penge manifestationer det sidste årti, og det er blevet mit mål, at hjælpe mine studerende med at opnå økonomisk frihed.

Manifestation er meget mere end The Secret, positive tanker og visualisere det som du ønsker i dit liv. Jeg har en meget stor passion for at undervise i manifestation, fordi det ændre mit liv fuldstændig, da jeg startede med at bruge nogle simple teknikker i mit liv.

Gratis Artikler Der vil Hjælpe Dig Startet:

Omdan Din Frygt, Angst og Smerte til et Liv i Kærlighedens Lys.

Hej, mit navn er Sabrina Jensen. Jeg er forfatter, og har skrevet 6 bøger om Personlig og Spirituel Udvikling & Fordragsholder. Jeg er Metafysiker, Spiritual Teacher og har 16 uddannelser indenfor Personlig og Spirituel Udvikling.

Jeg hjælper Lightworkers, som kæmper med angst, fryst og indre smerte, som ønsker at have et High Vibe Liv, og manifestere det liv som gør dem glad.

Det som gør mig anderledes er, at jeg har studeret metafysik, manifestation og spiritualitet i over 20 år, og jeg kanalisere Universets Hemmeligheder. Mine læsere og studerende får derfor en unik, powerfuld og transformerende indsigt og vejledning til at levet et High Vibe Liv.

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