3 Genius Ways to Simplify Your Big Transformation Routine

Transformation is something we all go through to some extent – it’s a part of life. One of the easiest ways to get through it, is to accept it instead of fighting it.

I’m in a huge Spiritual and Personal Transformation, started in December 2017 and from what I can see in my astrological chart and numerological chart, my transformation will continue until January 2019. This article would be a little different, because instead of sharing how-to’s as I do every week, I want to give it a more personal and vulnerable touch, by base it upon what I have learn so far.

#1 Embrace the Change

After I became sick in 2016, I know something had to change, but I wasn’t quite ready for the change, nor did I had the resources to deal with it. So I resist it for almost a year… until the Universe kick in and took the decision for me.

As you might know, I pass out in December 2017, and was gone for 20 minutes – without any medical explanations. As frightening it was, it was still a necessary act from the Universe to make me accept the transformation. There were no way I could deny it anymore, nor could I put it off and dealing with it when I felt ready. Secret: You’ll never get ready for the big transformations in life.

When I fully accepted there were no way out of the transformation, everything started to flow in a more pleasant pace. I still get overwhelmed from time to time, and have to take it slowly in my daily life, like learning to say no and don’t take on more than I can handle. But, overall – it’s a matter of living in the flow, listen to the Divine and turning into your center core.

It’s super important to not obsessing about it, but seeking out a coach or mentor who can help you get direction and navigating in your new life. Also remember to use your family and friends for love and support during the time.

#2 Have a Leap of Faith

To be completely honest; even as a Psychic, Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher & Coach, I’m not quite sure where my transformation is heading. But, what I do know is I’ll come out as an improved version of myself. I do also know my brand and profession as a Spiritual Teacher & Coach is going to change for the better.

My transformation is an all-in-one transformation:

EXTREME Spiritual Transformation

Personal Transformation

Saturn-Return (one of the most significant astrological events in your life)

Transformation in my relationships

Transformation in my health

Transformation in my business and work

It IS overwhelming sometimes, because there are SO many things going on at once, and most of it is internal. Therefore, it is essential to have a good meditation practice to keep your mind centred. I also like journaling every day. I practicing something called automatic writing, where you just put pen on paper and just jotting down everything that comes to mind. Prayer is also an essential part of my practice. As you might now, I’m working very close with the Archangels and they are such a huge help in my transformation, but also anything else in life.

Having a Map for the Transformation.

Most transformations always lead to a better version of ourselves, if we allow the changes to happen. We must let go of control, and the need of having everything figured out. What I do, is using all the many tools I have available to create a adjustable map for where I’m heading. I’m checking in on the map twice a month to make sure it still is the right path. I have also created a blueprint for my soul and a personality profile.

I know those tools aren’t available for everyone, because it’s something I had developed over time. It will, though, be including in my new upcoming VIP 1:1 Coaching program.

An easy accessible and affordable option, everyone have available, is pulling some cards (tarot, oracle cards, angel cards) for themselves or book a reading in my free Resource Library (I do Angel Readings for a very low fee, for members of my Resource Library).

#3 Be Kind to Yourself.

Even through it’s overwhelming and I sometimes feels like a zombie in my own body, the transformation is still a beautiful process. Like a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. But the caterpillar resting during the transformation process. That opportunity does most people don’t have, and I highly doubt it healthy to be passive during the entire process. Your life should be an experience and an extend of your dreams… not something that just happening for you, and you’re going through it as a helpless victim.

I’m running a business…

I have a brand to keep alive…

If I get sick, the show must go on. There are no sick-days or days off when you have your own business. But running a business like mine, doesn’t feel like hard work or actually a job… I’m Fulfilling my Divine Life Purpose by building a brand and business around my greatest passion; Helping Spiritual Minded, Positive, Committed and High-Vibe people Fulfilling their Divine Life Purpose and Live the Life of their Dreams.


I’m my own boss, and I have the full responsibility to make sure to create profit enough to not only make a living, but also making sure I can keep helping the people I love working with.

One of the greatest lessons I had learned, from the period I was sick, is to make sure that my own needs are covered before I taking care of everyone else’s needs. That includes stop giving people discounts and give my work, time, energy and resources away for free. I have my Resource Library that is completely free, but everything outside of the Resource Library do I charge for.

Protect Your Energy.

Also being very selective with who I work with, and who I have in my network and inner circle. It’s a huge one to accept; you don’t have to be there for everyone, only those who value, appreciate, respect, support, accept and love you for who you are.

Unplug for a little while… I mean no Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter. Turn it off! The social media had made it easier to reach out to the entire world… but it had brings each individual further apart because everyone are sitting and staring into a device. We had become asocial in our present life! We are more aware of what happening for strangers on the internet, than we are in our own life. That’s a bit scary.

It’s no secret that all my social media’s are auto scheduled! Which mean even through I post twice every day, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am online. I rather want to be present in my daily life, and being present with the people I’m together with, than sitting and looking in my iPhone all the time.

We don’t need to be all over the place. We just have to be present in what’s happening right now, connecting with those we are spending time together with, and learn to be alone with ourselves when it’s needed.

3 Genius Ways to Simplify Your Big Transformation Routine
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