First, a big welcome to my new blog and website.

I am very excited about this, because my past experiences with blogging hasn’t been very consistent.

So why starting a new blog?

Well, I want to have a place where I can share my thoughts about being a Spiritual Babe who wants to fulfill my full potential and having a prosperous, successful and stress-free lifestyle & business. I want to share my journey of recovering from stress and panic attacks and being a people-pleaser who put everyone else first, only to lose myself and getting sick.

I became sick in October 2016, and still in recovery. I’m doing better, but it’s a long run! People who knows me, knows I H.A.T.E victim mentality and what I call Self-learned Helplessness. I just can’t!

I want this place, to be a place where I can be honest and share my journey. Stress and panic attacks are not the only things going on. I had been a patient at the local psychiatry since Christmas on my own initiative, and in March did I receive a diagnosis on a non-known personality disorder. I got Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in 2003 because I was a victim for domestic violence. But, this new disorder is very serious, and something I still had to settle with. It is under control and I’m not mental ill! I just need some help from the psychiatry and I don’t feel any shame about it. But, I am not ready to share the name of the disorder yet.

It might sound funny, but this disorder had actually been a huge blessing for me. Because for the first time in as long I can remember, do I have an explanation on why I am as I am, why my stress tolerance is so incredibly low and why I need to run my own show, without any deadlines.

It’s also explains, why I almost have some sort of OCD when it comes to design, colors, structures and layout, why I am a nerd when it comes to metaphysics and manifestations, why I had managed to write 6 books within 2 years.

It would be a lie, if I told you that my disorder didn’t had anything to do with the 15 years I was a victim of domestic violence. After all, it was the first 15 years of my life! The reason to I don’t see myself as a victim is because I will not give up my power. But because of my past, I had no choice, but change my life 180 degrees.

If I wanted to live the life I wanted to live, I had to stand up for myself and take responsibility for my own life. I had to figure out what I wanted and then find a way to get there. It was what inspired me to create The Magic Life.

I was tired of seeing women, with beautiful souls, being stuck in a life that didn’t support their hearts desire.

I was tired of hearing the same song over and over about it’s not spiritual to want more money, success, freedom and happiness.

I was tired of seeing compassionate women spending all their time and energy making sure that everybody else was happy, without taking care of their own happiness.

I had studied metaphysics and mental alchemy for over 20 years – Yup, I started when I was 7 – and all the researches shows there are two important factors to have the life you’re dreaming of:

1.    Self-Love

2.    Attractive Mindset.

I’m a Law of Attraction Success & Prosperity Coach and Mindset Coach, among lot of other things. Actually, I have 13 certification educations in Personal & Spiritual Development.

Having a Magical Life is a huge topic… and too huge and confusing to cover every single part of it, so I had chosen those areas I love studying and teaching, which is very close related to Self-Love and Attractive Mindset.




Stress-Free Living

Because I’m an entrepreneur, and my primary audience on the social media is Girl Bosses and Boss Babes, my content will be related to lifestyle and business. I am after all a firm believer in the best way to fulfill your full potential and life purpose will in one way or another involving being your own boss…

So, this blog will be about my own journey, but I will also teach you how to fulfill your full potential and have a prosperous, successful and stress-free lifestyle & business Without wasting your time and money on countless self-help books you never get to read.

Because of my health I wouldn’t promise how often I update the blog. My best advice is following me on Instagram @SabrinaJensenDK and keep an eye on my Insta Story. It’s by the way also in my Insta Story where I share Daily Law of Attraction Teaching.


A New Beginning

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