The last month have I shared Daily Angel Guidance Readings on my Instagram Feed and Facebook Page, and I am SO grateful for the feedback and responses I had received from beautiful Lightworkers and Earth Angels all over the world. The Angel Guidance is a part of a process of transitioning my brand into my new adventure, which I hope you will join.

Here is the thing; Facebook had changed their algorithm (again!!!) which affect what you see in your news feed. That means, that even through you are following someone on Facebook or liked their page, it doesn’t mean you are certain to see their posts. (Nice one Facebook!).

So in order for you to receive my Daily Angel Guidance Readings on Facebook, you have to go to my Facebook page -> Click on ‘Following’ -> Click on ‘See First’. 

The moment everything changed.

In the beginning of December 2017 happened something very scary. It was around 9pm, I was studying a course, and went up to take a glass of water. On my way into my kitchen, I passed out and hit the floor pretty hard. I was gone for about 20 minutes… alone in my apartment. I was so confused when I woke up. My glasses was broken and the little screw that keeps my glasses side bar in place had hit me just few centimeters over my eye. I closed my laptop and went to bed, just to make sure I didn’t fall again.

While laying in my bed that evening, I tried to recall, what in the world that just happened, but I was completely empty… It felt like my entire system was rebooted. 

I felt like a zombie the days after. My doctor couldn’t find any physical and my psychologist couldn’t find any mental that could had caused it. The truth is; No one had found any natural explanations for why I passed out. It was so scary!

As the days went by my spirituality and spiritual abilities started to increase. I’m a life-long psychic and angel intuitive. I had seen, heard, felt and received telepathic messages from the Angelic Realm since the day I was born. It was the Angels who carried and comforted me during my difficult childhood with domestic violence and hardcore bullying. They help me survive the most difficult time of my life! But I had never experienced them to be this loud! I can simply not ignore their guidance anymore… I can simply not ignore my Divine Life Purpose anymore… The reason to I had incarnated in this life time. 

My Divine Life Purpose is to be a Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Coach of the Power of Love for Committed and High Vibe Lightworkers & Earth Angels.

How exciting is that?

I think it is super exciting! Yet, I’m a little scared to go public with my teaching.

Saturn Return.

It takes the Saturn approx 29,5 years to return to that position, it had in our astrological chart the day we was born! Saturn is the the planet of lessons and learning in life. For most people Saturn Return is a blessing in disguise… actually it can be so difficult, that some people decide to commit suicide during the last process (the age of 27-30) before Saturn return to the position it had when they was born.

My Saturn Return will happen from March – December 2018. But Saturn already entered Capricorn (my Saturn sign) December 21 2017 – and I passed out December 8 2017. Creepy! Maybe that’s the explanation why I passed out?

When I looked my Saturn Return up in my astrological chart, the pieces just fell into place! It just explain SO much over the last couple of years! had written a great article about Saturn Return. if you want to look into that. And if you want to find out when your Saturn Return happens next time (around the age of 29, 58, 87 and 116) can you use this free tool.

I am so grateful for have taken my astrology class. It’s a powerful tool!

#SpiritualBabe Resource Library become Lightworker & Earth Angel Resource Library.

In my previous post I mentioned that the Resource Library will only continue for those who already had signed up. But I changed my mind!

I had spend today updating the Resource Library so it can be a FREE gift to Lightworkers & Earth Angels, whom wants to connect with the Power of Love and want to use this Powerful source in their everyday life, so they can have a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Does that sounds like you?

You can get FREE Access right HERE


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