BEING AUTHENTIC 101: How to Live Your Dream Life, Even If You Don't Like to Stand Out

What is the main difference between the life you are living today, and the life you’re dreaming about? What is the missing piece?

You are the only one to answer those questions, because this is your life!

Many things become way easier when you are authentic. You should be true to yourself and show your true face to the world. Let’s take a look on authenticity.

According to does authentic means:

  1. Not false or copied; genuine; real.
  2. Having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated; verified.
  3. Representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself or to the person identified.
  4. Entitled to acceptance or belief because of agreement with known facts or experience; reliable; trustworthy.

It is a lot easier to just do what everyone else are doing, having the same opinions and just being mainstream. But most often, this is not who you really are. It’s not where you are happy.

I want to share some tips with you to become more authentic, so you can have the life of your dreams.

#1. Connecting with Your Inner Child.

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a grown up, when you were a child?

We are much more connected with our true selves when we’re children, because we aren’t, yet, influenced by the worlds must’s and do’s.

Every now and then our inner child would love to come out to play. Make sure you have some playtime, and grab the chances to just have innocent fun as often as possible.

In your meditations can you call upon your inner child, and ask her, what she needs or wants from you.

#2. Laugh as Often as Possible.

Life can easily become very trivial with daily routines, we not even thinking about. But the truth is; This is your life, and you can do with it, what you want… and you don’t have to ask for permission.

Happiness is one of the greatest frequencies to attract love, prosperity, success and joy into our lives. Any thing you can come up with, that will make you happy, and even more important, making you laugh so hard your stomach hurts, can be used.

Laughter works like a magic wand, because in that moment do you vibrate on a very high frequency. You can’t be sad and being laughing hard at the same time, that is possible. The moments after laughing, you will be open to ideas of keep this high frequency in your life. In the quest of having a high vibe life, you must be connected to your authentic self and be present in the moment. You know, what makes you laugh, so make it a priority to spend time with those funny moments in your daily life.

#3. Your Unique Qualities.

You, like anybody else, have qualities that makes you unique. It can very well be someone who had done it before you, but no one can do it exactly the way you can. We’re all born with unique talents and gifts, that we are send to the plant to share.

You owe yourself to do a really deep inventory of yourself. I will soon share some tools to do so with my VIP List, so if you aren’t already signed up then do it in the end of the article. It’s free!

“I AM” are the most powerful words you ever can say! For whatever comes after “I AM” will create your subconscious beliefs about yourself.

I want to ask you to write down a list with “I AM”’s. What you are going to do is writing what you believe about yourself down, and what you want to believe about yourself.

  • I am a daughter.
  • I am a survivor
  • I am a believer
  • I am powerful
  • I am strong
  • I am true to myself
  • I am a brilliant life coach
  • I am love.

Continue your list until you have 30 “I AM”’s.

Being to cultivate an awareness around who you are, and why you are special.

#4. Stay True to Yourself.

You must do what you love to do to be fully satisfied in life. I truly believe in this, which why my mission for The Magic Life is to help Spiritual Babes to have a Prosperous and Successful Lifestyle with Freedom to Fulfill their Full Potential. Those things do not come over night. It’s something you have to work to get. But it’s not hard work… it’s fun work. I will go way more in depth with this in my upcoming teaching programs.

There are 3 rules you should follow to stay true to yourself.

  1. Do what you love.
  2. Say what you need to say
  3. Do something you have always dreamed of.

#5. Set Yourself Free.

Our worst enemy is often ourselves. We are our own worst judge. We want more freedom. We want more peace. We keep running around in circles to get there, but it’s a bit like a hamster in a hamster wheel. You must stop beating yourself up for something that happened for 20 years ago, or for 20 minutes ago. You can’t change what happened anyway.

Your authenticity will shine when you get so confidence in your own skin, that you can set yourself free and be present in the moment. It’s all about being able to forgive yourself! No one is perfect, but you are perfect just the way you are including all your flaws – because it’s you!

How can you be more authentic in your life?

BEING AUTHENTIC 101: How to Live Your Dream Life, Even If You Don’t Like to Stand Out

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