It had been quiet quite from me the last couple of days, which there are some good reasons to.

As you might now am I an entrepreneur in the core of my bones. It runs in my DNA, and I love it. You also may know that I am writing on my 5th book, which I am super excited about.

I have BIG plans for that book, and I really want it to be the best book I ever had written. (I think every author who writing on a book have that intention in mind). What I like so much is; my sick leave gives me time to write when I feel for it; when the ideas pops into my head; or when I coming across something inspirational.

People really have to be careful when there is an author around; everything you do or say may or may not be used in a book 😉 Of cause always under another name 😉

It’s still way too early to share what I have coming up for the new book.

But for me is the book not just a book! I want it to make a difference for the reader!

I want the book to be the start of a brand new journey to live a magical life where success, miracles, abundance and happiness are a part of everyday.

I want the book to inspire and help the reader to reach their full potential and fulfill their Divine life purpose.

I want to share everything I know about Law of Attraction, Spirituality, Mental Alchemy and Metaphysics.

But of cause can all those things not be included in just one book, in just 350 pages.

Therefore is this book only the beginning of the journey. The Magic Life is going to be my new business, build upon the book with a whole inside universe of training and knowledge that really will support the reader to a more magical life.

It’s going to be an adventure, and you are invited to join.

When I’m not writing on the book, am I doing one of two things;

1) Writing the Business Plans and planning the whole, yet secret, insider universe of The Magic Life.
2) Making horoscopes for clients I had offered a test reading. Each horoscope takes 48 work hours, so I need to go back and forth 😉

Here is the thing; I have a super active mind. If something not stimulate me intellectually or are funny, I get soo easily bored. It is for sure a blessing in disguise! I need to hold my mind active with something, or it turning into a running mind. it’s one of the reasons to I went down with stress last October.

Writing keeping my mind active, and still not stressing me, because there are no deadlines. The business planning neither have a deadline. And the bunnies for horoscopes know I am on sick leave with stress and have accepted the horoscope to land in their inbox when it’s ready.

The only thing that stills bothers me are social media, or actually Facebook. I really have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and to be honest, I am only on Facebook to make it able for people to come in contact with me when they don’t have my email or phone no. and to network with other #Girlboss ladies. But since I got sick haven’t networking at all. Business networking just don’t seems right when I am down with stress and panic attacks.

I know many of those who had followed my work before I got sick are following my Facebook Page, but I am never online. I make sure my Instagram posts get shared on my Facebook Page too, so people who aren’t Instagram also sees my post… or do they? The last information I have received about the organic reach on Facebook Pages are 0,2% for non-boosted posts. Which means no one sees your post if you not pay Facebook to show them to your followers. I understand Facebook also need to make money, but they make plenty of money on Facebook Ads… and if you boost your posts do your organic reach on posts drops in the future. That’s so frustrating, and I just don’t want to deal with it.

I have actually made up my mind about Social Media, and the conclusion is; I am active on Instagram and only Instagram. But what’s bothers me is that the people who following me on Facebook, but aren’t on Instagram don’t get the latest updates, FREE Daily Law of Attraction Training and Daily inspirational quotes. I try to remember to hit the ‘Share to Facebook’ button every time I share something on my Instagram feed . But the FREE Daily Law of Attraction Training and behind the scenes stuff which I share in my Instagram Story can only be seen on the Instagram app.

I feel sorry for that!

But in this case I have to listen to my health, and my health says “Stay the heck away from Facebook”.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this sick leave is actually to listen and prioritize my health. It is an amazing journey when you first get started, and many things becomes so much easier.

I have a whole chapter about that in the book I’m writing. I tell you, there are so much great stuff in that book. You going to love it!

I want to hear from you!

What are you saying “No” to in order to maintain your inner health?

A day in an Author’s life.

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