Happy New Year!

First a huge THANK YOU for everyone who have followed along in 2017. It had been a year I never forget – Healing has been my main focus in 2017, which had affected my business and The Magic Life. I took the entire year off to take care of my health issue. A decision that had payed off and have served a great purpose!

Change are coming, and The Magic Life will no longer continue. I don’t know exactly what the future will bring right now, because I am in a spiritual transition right now.

The #SpiritualBabe Library will still be open.

I had decided to keep the #SpiritualBabe Library open for everyone who are on my mailing list. I sent out an email for few months ago with all the details to get accesses to all the FREE goodies, including a planner for 2018

The Angel Readings are Back!

If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed my daily Angel Guidance posts. For few years ago, I ran Weekly Angel Tarot Card Readings on my blog, which many people around the globe loved. I had an odd feeling about sharing those readings at my blog. It felt wrong! – and still I followed along because I want to make my readers happy.

When I became sick, I decided to take it off, and discontinue my spiritual work during my sickness. It’s one of my codes of conduct not to perform any sort of spiritual work for others, as long I don’t feel well. It’s about taken responsibility and have integrity, which is very important for me.

My health is now in a place, where I can start my spiritual work again, little by little, while I’m still recovering and is in this new and exciting spiritual transition. The first step is daily Angel Guidance post on Instagram and Facebook. Daily insight in the day for those who are guided to read them… or for those who have them appear on their screen. Even through you follow someone on social media, it doesn’t mean the platform let you see every post they are sending out. That’s how the current algorithms works!

What to Expect from the Future!

To be honest with you. I cannot share any information about my transition. It’s a very private thing, which I keep completely for myself.

What I can tell about my work is; it will be Spiritual, in the Light of Love, and in very close companionship with the Archangels. Manifestation work and the Law of Attraction will still be a part of my work and teaching, but not the leading part.

The website will be in the process of reconstruction until I have finished my transition.

May the Power of Love be with you in 2018.

In the Light of Love,

Happy New Year!

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